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Fishing is an exciting sport that’s different than anything else out there, and here at The Traveling Fishermen, we aim to bring you new and up-to-date information on all things fishing!

You’ll learn about why fishing is fun, the baits or lures you need, and so much more. Take a look around to see what we have to offer or keep reading for a quick overview of what you can expect to find.

All About the Gear

Did you know that different bait mimics different types of creatures and so it attracts different kinds of fish? If you’re new to the sport, you might not have known that some lures even mimic panicked mice!

Fishing Nets

What about nets? Did you know that different types of nets have different purposes and that not all nets are created equal? Some nets are designed to trap mackerel, while others are better used for schools of smaller fish.

Fishing Rods

Rods are as different as can be, too. You’ve got casting rods, which are one of the easiest rods to use for novice anglers. Casting rods are also great for lakes and rivers.

If you would rather go sport fishing, then you’re better off with a spinning rod, which is quite different from a casting rod.

Fishing Bobbers and Weights

There are different bobbers and weights meant for different purposes as well. Bobbers, or floats, are intended to keep your bait afloat which works well for fish like crappies.

Bobbers also work to keep your hook from getting caught on something accidentally. Having a snagged hook is no fun, so bobbers will help with that.

Weights, or sinkers, are pretty self-explanatory in that they weigh down the line. They are extremely important in the sport of fishing – for both newer anglers and experienced ones alike. They’re definitely something you want to have in your tackle box.

Fishing Hooks

Fishing isn’t fishing without fishing hooks, but you’ve got to know that different hooks work to catch different fish. 

To the inexperienced eye, you might say that bait hooks and circle hooks look the same, but they’re not as close as you might think! 

Here at the Traveling Fishermen, we’ll tell you all about the different styles of hooks and what they’re used for, from bait hooks to jig hooks, and every hook in between.

Fishing Tackle Boxes

Of course, you’ll need the tackle box to hold all your fishing gear, but do you know what type of box you need? If you do, great! If you don’t, we can help with that.

We’ll be there to remind you to have a spare line, hooks, sinkers, and even some tools that will make your fishing experience much better when your line inevitably gets tangled at some point.

The Joy of Fishing

Fishing is a joy that not everyone understands. 

Anglers love the way you’re simultaneously doing something and nothing altogether. 

Watching for the line to move while relaxing in your canoe or on the shore can be energizing.

We’ll help you find that joy – and also give you some tips on how to keep things legal wherever you are.

Feel free to peruse the site and see all of the information we have to offer. Don’t see something you’re curious about? Send us a message letting us know what you’d like to learn more about. We love hearing from our audience.

Happy fishing!

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