Fishing is almost always a peaceful and serene way to spend a lazy afternoon. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just willy-nilly go fishing whenever and wherever you wish. For many anglers, the last thing they want to happen, other than not catching anything, is to get in trouble with the local authorities.

Fishing can be done as recreational or as a sport, and it’s meant to be fun for everyone. However, there are some dos and don’ts when fishing in your state’s ocean, lakes, rivers, or ponds.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of fishing laws and regulations, and why they exist. Plus, we’ll go a little quirky by enumerating some of the weirdest and funniest laws for fishing in the United States.

Why Do We Have Fishing Laws?

There are many good reasons why we have laws and regulations about fishing. All of which are designed to conserve and preserve the population of the fishes. Scientists and biologists study bodies of water to check the numbers and health of the fish population.

When there’s a problem with the fish stock, laws and regulations are created to ensure the population is kept healthy. Park rangers and marine patrol officers check to make sure that these regulations are followed by everyone.

There are many types of fishing laws. There are regulations that limit the number of fish that can be caught and are intended to keep the anglers from taking way too many fishes at a time. There are also size limits regulations that prevent anglers from catching fishes of the spawning size. There are also fishing seasons enforced to protect the population during spawning and limit the catch on over-fished areas.

Basically, these laws are for the protection of the fishes and make sure that there’s plenty of fish to be shared with everyone. Also, these regulations are also designed to curb illegal fishing statistics.

When you are granted access to a national or state park, you are also granted the right to fish. However, it is always best to get a fishing license for your state. There are also trespassing laws that you might violate if you fish in within someone’s private property.

Our best advice is to know all the fishing rules in your state which include information like when and where you can fish, how many or large you can catch, and what gear to use. That’s right, there are illegal fishing lures that will get you in trouble if you use them when fishing.

Weird and Outrageous Fishing Laws

There are many general rules when it comes to fishing. Again, it’s best to read up on your state’s laws to make sure you’re not breaking any during your trip. Meanwhile, here are some outrageous fishing regulations in the U.S.

1. It’s Illegal to Fish with Your Bare Hands in Indiana

Fishing with your bare hands (aka Noodling) looks like an impressive feat but it’s actually illegal in Indiana. With all the state-of-the-art fishing gear available, why would you catch a fish with your bare hands? Well, it seems that most people still do but they just can’t do it in Indiana.

2. You Can’t Get a Fish Drunk in Ohio

You can file this regulation under ridiculously dumb.

Apparently, it’s illegal to give a fish a few cold ones because it’s against the law. We definitely would like to know the thought process in the formation of this law.

3. Dynamite Fishing is a No-No in Pennsylvania

Well, this one does make sense.

If you’re an angler and interested to buy some nitroglycerin and some clay online, don’t do it. Using dynamite is considered to be illegal fishing in the state of Pennsylvania.

As it turned out, dynamite fishing became so common that the government has to step in to enact this law.

4. No chumming with corn in Oregon

It’s not that you can’t use corn as bait to catch fish. It’s only illegal when you use it for chumming. As long as the corn is attached to your hook, you are well within the bounds of legality.

Chumming is the practice of scattering the bait in the water in order to lure the fish. Doing so with the corn can get you some stringent penalties.

5. No Woman will Fish Alone in Montana

According to the law of Montana, “In Montana, it is illegal for married women to go fishing alone on Sundays, and illegal for unmarried women to fish alone at all.”

That’s just completely ridiculous but fortunately, it’s a really outdated law and is not likely to be enforced.

Abide by the Fishing Laws

And that ends our article about the fishing laws in general. Hopefully, we hope we have succeeded in helping you familiarize with the regulations surrounding our favorite sport. Plus, we sure hope we made you smile with the outrageous laws we’ve just enumerated.

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