Despite all of the different fishing gear options, the most important is the rod. In fact, you cannot land a catch without it. So, why would you ever settle for a cheap or poorly designed one?

To keep you away from poor rods, this guide will break down the 4 of the best money can buy and explain what puts them above all other options.

Good Rods to Increase Performance

In the same way, a baseball player would never use an insufficient bat, or a rock star would never play with a low-quality guitar, you should never go to the water unprepared. The following four options, though different, will all give you the quality and results you want.

1. Shimano Curado

The first rod on our list, the Shimano Curado, is an item that combines great quality with top-notch design. This model is one of the best casting rods around. It not only looks good, but it has a high-modulus carbon blank in addition tip-to-butt Fuji components.

It is easy to shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars when looking for a dependable rod. However, this model shows that is not necessary to get the features you want. The Curado handles and works like much more expensive options, giving you a great, versatile pole at a low price.

2. Shakespear Ugly Stik GX2 Pole

Our next incredible rod is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. This model, despite its name, has one of the best looks on the market. It is made for the modern fisherman, and that shows through all of its incredible features and upgrades.

This pole is a fantastic option for any type of fish, giving it a versatility that is absent in other models. You can grab any type of fish you want, and it has capabilities for all different environments or regions.

The Ugly Stik’s spinning rod measures six feet, six feet inches and it is a one-piece constructed from a combination of graphite and fiberglass. Both of those materials work together to create a sturdy, durable piece of equipment.

However, do not worry about the Stik being too bulky or awkward. The pole is incredibly sleek and is equipped with a comfortable EVA handle. Too often poles look great but are uncomfortable to handle. That is not the case here.

Those triats make the Ygly Stik a great choice for any novice or seasoned anglers who want a bit of extra dependability while out on the water.

3. Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

Switching gears a bit, we next have the five-foot, six-inch spinning rod from Eagle Claw. This is a telescoping rod is made from fiberglass which gives it extra durability and toughness. That puts it above other strong fishing rods.

Fishing can take you to some rough or tough areas. You never want to go into such regions with equipment that is fragile or that will break at the first sign of trouble. The Eagle Claw resists such problems and gives you the peace of mind that it is a sound investment.

In addition, this rod also comes with a soft, EVA foam handle that ensures you are always going to cast comfortably.

This rod also folds up easily, preventing issues that can come from owning cumbersome models that take up too much space.

4. Shimano Trevala Casting Rod

Easily available at Cabelas fishing rods, our last option is the Shimano Trevala Casting Rod. This specialized model not only comes with important features but it also one of the best saltwater options out there.

The Trevala is for anyone who wants to get the most from Shimano’s Butterfly Jigs. It combines strong-but-lightweight rods with incredibly powerful, high-speed reels.

In addition, the model comes with special TC4 construction, as well as Fuji, Alconite, or Hardloy guides. There is a Fuji reel seat as well.

The EVA grips (both fore and rear) are specially designed to be more ergonomic and do not put any strain or discomfort on your body while you use them.

All of those attributes are then complemented by the Trevala’s removable butt cap and convenient hook. If you want features, this model is one of the best options for impressive traits.

Maximizing the Chance of a Good Catch

Looking for a fishing rod can be a daunting task. Not only do you have thousands and thousands of models to choose from, but there are simply so many styles and types. You can get kid fishing rods, more advanced poles, and sale fishing rods to save money.

Even so, the above four models will always give you the performance you want. They are all a bit different, but as long as you know what type of fish you’re after, you should be able to pick the one that best suits you.

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