Are you looking in the market for a new way to store your fishing rods? Fishing rod holders are plentiful these days and with so many different manufacturers and makers, it can be hard to distinguish the quality from the crap.

That is why we are here – to help make the decision as informed and educated as we can for you.

With such a large market to choose from, we know how important it is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Fishing Rod Holders And How We Chose Our Ratings

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Different Types of Fishing Rod Holders

There are all types of fishing rod holders. There are rod holders for your boat utilized while fishing. There are fishing rod holders for while you are fishing somewhere stationary and there are fishing rod holders used as storage for while your rods are not being used.

We will discuss a variety of fishing rod holders and let you pick and choose what you are looking for and what best serves your specific desire or need. If you are looking for something to store your fishing rods so that they are well kept and out of the way, we have many options for you.

We also will serve up the best in fishing rod holders for your boat, your truck, angler kayak, or wherever you fish from.

How We Chose Our Ratings

When we choose our top picks for a popular product online, especially such an important item as the best fishing rod holders, we search for one key factor: transparency.

We only choose products that offer a completely transparent purchase, from the time you first begin researching, to the second you place your order, to the moment you use your holder. We value your opinions and finances and take the proper steps to ensure our best of lists truly are that —the best of.

We hope this list provides you with accurate, well-thought out and valuable information to assist you in figuring out the best fishing rod holder for you.

Best 10 Fishing Rod Holders

1. Rush Creek Creations Round

Rush Creek Creations Round Spinning 30 Fishing Rod Rack - No Tool...
  • Included Components: Spinning Rod Rack, 18 Soft Rod Clips
  • Sport Type: Outdoor Lifestyle

For those looking to store multiple fishing poles while they are not being used, Rush Creek Creations makes the best-selling fishing rod holder on Amazon.

This decorative round fishing rack stores and displays up to sixteen freshwater rods. It also features a full-color graphic of a bass breaching the water that adds an undeniable angler feel to it.

This fishing rod holder is made up of a solid 38 mm two-piece steel center post that adds extreme durability and stability, ensuring that this rod holder will never break or let you knows. There are sixteen capped slots on the base plate for rod handles plus soft rod clips that adjust to any rod taper.  

2. Portarod Inshore 5-Rod Holder Fishing Rod

Portarod Inshore 5-Rod Holder Fishing Rod Holder/Transporter for Truck...
  • Fits Any Truck: The ratcheting support bar is expandable (53"-84") and will easily fit to any year, make or model truck.
  • Customize Portarod To Your Needs: Adjust the vertical angel of your rods as well as the space between each rod holder.
  • Easy To Use: The ratchet action allows you to easily and firmly secure Portarod into place in seconds, and remove just...

The durability of this easy-to-use and easy-to-store fishing rod holder is perfect for a truck and transporting fishing rods around without worry of breakage or damage.

The Portarod is ideal for anglers who do not like throwing their fishing rods in the pick-up to store them.

This five-rod holder easily fits in any truck with a ratcheting support bar that is expandable and will fit into any year, make or model truck. Customize the Portarod to fit your specific needs by adjusting the vertical angle of your rods as well as the space between each of the five fishing rod holders.

The Portarod is very user-friendly and features a ratchet bar that allows users to quickly and firmly secures the device in seconds. The hardware is also extremely easy to remove, making it very convenient for moving the Portarod somewhere else.

Absolutely no drilling or bolts are needed to secure the Portarod into place.

3. Millennium Spyder LOK

Millennium Marine Spyderlok, for Boats and Anglers Gen II
  • HOLDS UP TO 4 RODS: The Spyderlok is designed to hold up to 4 rods with the exclusive height adjustable crossbar which...
  • FLUSH MOUNTING PLATE: The mounting plate lays flush to the vessels carpet which helps to eliminate those stubbed toes....
  • SPYDERLOK TECHNOLOGY: Our patented Spyderlok technology insures tight secure locking angles and Sure lock adjustments...

The Spyder LOK is for anglers looking to step up their rigging game on their fishing vessel. This lightweight aluminum fishing rod holder offers 360-degree rotating arms and four locking rod holders that will easily become your new favorite rod holder.

Designed for trolling or anchor fishing in both freshwater and saltwater, this versatile rod holder is a wonderful option.

No longer will you stub your toes or trip over bulky fishing boat mounts, because the Spyder LOK mount flushes with your boat’s carpet and is easily mountable on different locations.

Millennium Marine has been the industry’s leader with products that will last for a lifetime and are guaranteed to give anglers the ultimate fishing experience.

This special mount features patented Spyder LOK technology with teeth that lock into place and secure the mount as tightly as possible. With a simple twist, you can move the arms with ease through the full range of movement.

4. Hoffen Removable Slide Mount

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The Hoffen easy-access slide mount and removable fishing rod holder is easy to use, affordable and helps bring professional marine boat hardware to the everyday angler. The brand creates an innovative design with this versatile mount option that will get the job done.

This fishing rod holder is created from stainless steel, which is mirrored, polished and perfect for a boating rail. The PVC liner protects your fishing rod while in use as well as making sure your rod and rod holder are 100% enact and ready to rumble.

This fishing rod holder offers a 30-degree tilt that allows for a hands-free fishing experience so that you can focus on trolling your lures at just the right depths.

5. Taco Poly Stand-off Rod Holder

Taco P04-091W Plastic Rod Holder, White Finish
  • White
  • UV-Stabilized Polyethylene
  • Front Access Hole

Probably the simplest and least expensive on the list, the Taco Poly Stand-off Rod Holder offers a quick and easy way to secure the mount to your boat for seamless fishing.

The Taco stand is white and made of a UV-Stabilized polyethylene with a front access hole and integrated standoffs for easy mounting. The stainless-steel hardware is not included with the purchase of the mount.

6. Berkley Spiral Fishing Rod Holder

Berkley Spiral Rod Holder , Red
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches

Another extremely affordable and easy to use fishing rod holder comes at you in the form of Berkley’s spiral holder. This spiral-shaped holder is ideal if you are looking for something that will get the job done and cost you almost nothing.

This fishing rod holder is constructed out of powder-coated steel with a corkscrew design that holds most any rod you’ll have on hand.

7. Amarine-made 4pcs. Stainless Clamp-on Fishing Rod Holder

Amarine Made 4pcs Stainless Clamp on Fishing Rod Holder for Rails 7/8"...
  • This product is a 100% brand new Amarine-made product
  • Can be mounted to vertical or horizontal rails - Adjustable for rails 22mm (7/8") to 25mm (1") diam
  • Rubber insert to protect your fishing rod from any wear against the stainless surface

This convenient and well-rated clamp on fishing rod holder is ideal for rails sizes 7/8” to 1”. This Amarine-made product can be mounted to vertical or horizontal rails and is adjustable for rails 22mm (7/8”) to 25mm (1”) diameter.

The mount features a rubber insert to protect your fishing rod from any wear against a stainless surface that can be adjusted to thirty-two different angles when mounted.

This American-made stainless rod holder clamp is very easy to assemble and comes complete with everything you need to use your mount (except for an Allen key). The drain holes at the base of the rod holder drain away any captured water.

8. Spare Flying 2-Piece All Angle Deck-Mount

This stainless-steel vertical mount fits most boat decks, rowboats, and harbor decks. Spare Flying creates a unique and modern design with this fully adjustable, 360-degree rotation mount made for fishing rods.

The surface finish is mirror-polished and if you mount it correctly, the drain hole is on the correct side to provide drainage of captured water.

Spare Flying is a professional marine boat hardware manufacturer, especially in fishing rod holders. This innovative design creates a diverse and dynamic device that helps you focus on catching the fish instead of your fishing rod.

9. Rush Creek Creations 14 Fishing Rod Rack with Storage

Rush Creek Creations 14 Fishing Rod Rack with 4 Utility Box Storage...
  • Multi-purpose fishing pole storage system with 2 dual rod clips and wire racking system
  • Dual rod clip technology allows 2 freshwater rods or one saltwater rod up to 1.25" diameter (rods not included)
  • Wire racking system accommodates four 3600/3700 utility boxes (not included)

Rush Creek Creations is at it again with this sophisticated and helpful fish rod holder. This is one of our favorite fishing rod holders because it offers storage, room for 14 fishing rods, and actually looks decent too.

The multi-purpose device comes equipped with two dual rod clips, wire racks, and full-color graphics on either side.

The dual rod clip technology allows two freshwater rods or one saltwater rod up to 1.25” diameter and a wire racking system that accommodates four 3600/3700 utility boxes. The design features padded slots on the base plate for rod handles plus soft rod clips that adjust to any rod taper.

10. Round Fishing Floor Rack

Old Cedar Outfitters Camo Round Floor Rack, Camo,15, 15 Rod...
  • Great looking camo finish
  • Accommodates up to 15 rods and combos
  • Easy, tool-free assembly

Last but not least on our list of best fishing rod holders is this round floor storage by Organized Fishing. Instead of just setting your fishing rods down on the floor when you get back from a long morning on the water, keep your gear in the best and most organized shape.

This floor fishing rod rack offers three different versions of one amazing tool.

The Organized Fishing floor storage rack comes in the “corner” option, the “stationary floor” option and the “spinning” option. Each one is an amazing addition to any home or garage to keep fishing rods out of the way and safely stored.

There are also many different sizes to choose from – you can go with 12, 15, 20, or 24-rod storage size and choose between pine, camo, or oak for the finish.

Buyer’s Guide

fishing rod on a holder facing the open sea

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When trying to decide which fish rod holder to buy, it is important to consider a few key elements before making a final purchase.

Consider your budget and if you are willing to flex that budget to get exactly what you need. Make sure to purchase the type of fishing rod holder you are looking for – whether it is used for your truck, boat, house, or hand.

Also, consider the number of fishing poles you have and if you have lots of guests or friends come into town that go fishing with you. They will need somewhere to store their fishing rod as well when they are in town.

If it is usually just you or one other person, maybe you just need one of the simpler rigs for a rod or two.

Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy it!

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